Election Day November 8

Dated: 10/13/2016

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I hope you didn't miss the October 11th deadline to register to vote! I'm pretty sure 98% of people have been watching this fiasco of a Presidential Campaign; however, it is still important to cast your vote! By not voting, you are forfeiting your right to have a voice. Although my opinion on the matter is that we are choosing the lesser of two evils, I still feel it necessary to vote and by throwing your vote toward an Independent, well, check the history books and see how many of those have won an election.

If you’ve already registered, be sure you are ready for this historic election.

Double check your info
Have you moved? Even moving across town could put you in a different district or precinct, therefore, making it important to keep your record up to date. A great resource is The Secretary of State's website, votetexas.gov  to review and/or update your information.

Learn when and where to vote
Early voting is October 24 to November 4. This convenient option lets you cast your ballot at any location in your county, but you may have to vote in your precinct on Election Day.

Get deputized for democracy
If you’re really dedicated to the election process, contact your county to find out how to become a deputy voter registrar. After completing a brief training, you’ll be empowered to educate people about the voter-registration process.

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