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Attempt #2 at blogging! I know I talk a lot but is it really anything worth reading? Actually, how many of you are freaking out because there are only 14 days of school left! I'm not sure about the other school districts but we have TWO-Three day weekends coming up before the end of the year! What are these planners thinking? My grocery bill will more than triple over the summer months because I have 2 teenagers and a Pre-Teen at home! Top that off with the fact that we don't live in a subdivision that has kids around us or a pool and it's a disaster! So, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to entertain them. I found two pretty cool things the other day in a magazine while waiting at the Urgent Care for my grandson to see an Orthopedist. If you have a large family and are traveling to either Dallas or Houston, this may work for you. It's my understanding that this is available in other parts of the Nation so it is definitely worth checking out even if you aren't going to either of those two cities. 

OMG! It's not only Nationwide but Worldwide! I was astounded at the prices because of the attractions you get! Let's say you are traveling to Houston, purchase a Houston City Pass for $56.00 for an adult which includes free admission to five of the city’s premier attractions, including the Downtown Aquarium, the Space Center Houston and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Enjoy free entry to two additional attractions of your choice, great price!  

Read more about Houston CityPass - Houston | Viator at:

I love to travel and it is difficult when you have a large family but this is definitely something I will be checking out this Summer!

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