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Room maintenanc

Repairing or replacing your roof can be very costly. Spending a little time twice a year looking closely at your

 roof can help you identify roof maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later. It's also

 important to periodically check your homeowners insurance to make sure that serious roof damage is covered by your policy. 

Roof maintenance: What to look for

It's critical that you inspect your roof every spring and fall. 

  • Check for signs of fungus / algae. If your roof is starting to collect moss or algae, install zinc or lead control strips.

  • Inspect metal areas for rust. If it's present, wire brush the rust, then prime and paint the metal

  • Examine the flashing to make sure it's solid. If not, remove all of the old caulk and scrub the area clean before resealing.

  • Look for missing, damaged or curling shingles and any other signs of wear and tear. It's easy and inexpensive to replace one or two shingles, or to hire someone to do it for you.

  • Seal any cracked mortar or caulking around joints and chimneys, if it appears to be deteriorating.

If you see any signs of water damage like leaking or drake spot take action right away! 

Other roof maintenance issues

  • Sweep / blow off excess debris on the roof. Such as Sticks, leaves and other debris can damage shingles, cause algae to grow and could clog the gutters.

  • Trim any branches that are hanging over the roof to help prevent damage and keep rodents and insects away

Roof maintenance is often ignored, but small problems with a roof can lead to some of the most costly home repairs around.

(please consult with a specialist and do not attempt anything dangerous)

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Here is a quick Video from Home inspector Don Hilker

Getting a Home inspection is great for your property just knowing what needs work and what small things you can do to 

keep big repairs away

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