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Dated: 10/31/2017

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As a Realtor for the last 12 years, it is well-known that most people that own property want to know what their property is potentially worth and information about their neighborhood and community. Why because it is usually their #1 asset, it is where they live and play. I have also experienced time and again, when someone puts their home on the market, the neighbors come out in full force to see "how much" they are asking and how long it takes it to sell and best of all, how much it sold for. I can't tell you the number of times I have sat in a Listing Appointment with a potential Seller for them to tell me that the neighbors house just sold for X amount! 

Many times people will use a popular App from Zillow and get a Zestimate. Well, now our local Association of Realtors has introduced a cool "tool" for us to sign-up our past clients, friends, & family that will send them a "mini" statement of sorts once a month showing that potential value. Not only that, aren't you curious what nearby homes are selling for? What about the potential worth of your home in two years when you need to downsize, or get a bigger place because your immediate family is expanding? Now, instead of spending valuable time searching the Internet, I can bring this information directly to you! Yes, it provides valuable market information and it keeps me in the forefront of your mind. Isn't that what it is about? Making my professional experience, knowledge, and expertise valuable to my friends, family and most of all my clients? 

What's the difference you might ask? If I am already familiar with Zillow or Trulia why would I want this? Because CoreLogic brings the housing data and analytics to you. By using the Real AVM home valuation that is used by top banks and appraisers across the US, ePropertyWatch is one of the most comprehensive and high quality collections of home and neighborhood information! 

Being that I am an expert, of course I signed myself up so I could see exactly what this offered. I must say I am pretty impressed! It's like getting your bank statement and seeing how much money you have. The statement is customized to my property and related information. It showed me what my home is potentially worth, whether it was increasing or decreasing in value, what homes where currently listed for in my neighborhood, what the most recent homes sold for, and so much more! Best of all is that I know whether I am in a position to hold or fold!

I would love to provide you with this information, just send me an email with your contact information and I will give you a shout. 

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