Should You Believe What They Tell You Its Worth

Dated: 08/16/2016

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We all know the Internet is the place to go for information. Some of it good, some of it bad, some true, some false. As a Realtor, I know when I finally get to meet you, more than likely you've already looked at homes to purchase or even may be looking to find out what you could possibly sell your place for a profit because isn't that the goal of selling your home?  There are so many web sites out there for a consumer to gather information and information is great BUT there are some drawbacks too. Keep in mind that the BIG names all have some type of disclaimer that tells you to contact a local Realtor.

I know that over the past few years Zillow has become one of many peoples "Go-To" web sites to find homes available for sale. Zillow also offers an option to find out the value of your home if you're looking to sell. That might be a great place to start but take into mind that a Zestimate is NOT an appraisal, it is exactly that a "Zestimate." How does Zillow get that number you might ask? It's computer-generated based on the available data they have collected which may or may not be incomplete or incorrect, not based on an actual visit to your home to determine the condition because what I might consider "great" condition and what you as the Owner might consider "great" condition may be like comparing apples to oranges as the old saying goes! For example, a custom home on acreage located with a picturesque view of the local landfill from the front porch does not compare to the neighbors house with the view of the local lake or private pond.

The next most popular web site that I'm familiar with is Trulia. Check out the following link: and it specifically outlines the fact that they are NOT the experts. Crazy, because so many consumers believe they are.

An upcoming site that has gain lots of popularity recently is and if you look at the following link they too state that they recommend hiring a professional who is familar with your area, the market trends, and has a network of real estate related professionals to help you. Check it out: does the same thing, has a disclaimer that you should contact a professional to determine the overall condition of your property, style, and many other features that ALL of these online web sites may not take into account.

What's best is that as a BUYER, here in Texas we don't charge you a fee to represent you. The Seller actually has already negotiated our payment with THEIR agent, so our fee is paid when you close on your home from the Sellers' proceeds. If you are a SELLER, we don't charge you to come out and take a look around and help you determine what your home might sell for utilizing our professional knowledge and skills.

So, when your ready, do your own research but ultimately HIRE a professional and I'd love the opportunity to be that person on your side!

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