Tips For Selling During The Summer

Dated: 06/19/2017

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To maximize the attention to your home during the Summer, here are some tips to attract potential buyers:

  • Lengthen Showing Times - because of Daylight Savings Time, don’t limit your showings to standard ‘showing’ hours. 

  • Up the curb appeal - Curb appeal is important. It can make or break a potential buyer’s interest.  By planting color and putting down fresh mulch, you invite your potential Buyers to stop and "smell the roses!"  Welcome buyers with a clean walkway that leads to an inviting entrance. Just the other day, while browsing pictures one of my Buyers said "I love the front door with it's "home" decal!" 

  • Lighten Up - Bring in the sunshine by opening your window blinds fully by pulling them up to the top, the only time you might want the partially open is if there is an undesirable view. Tape the strings underneath. 

  • Freshen Up - Place fresh flowers throughout your home and enjoy the scents!

  • Cool It - Nothing worse than walking into a "stuffy" house on a sizzling summer day! Keep the air cool but lower the thermostat to just below your comfort level.

  • Make it Glow with an Outdoor Show - clean, paint and make necessary repairs to your porches, decks, or patios. Arrange outdoor furniture to exudes outdoor entertainment and relaxation! Be sure to your pool clean and free of debris. 

It’s not too late to list your home for the summer, but be sure to contact a ME today, before it gets too late!



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